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Snow Management & Removal Services

The city of Grande Prairie is known for harsh winters and frequent heavy snowfalls. Shovelling snow can be a tedious task for many who have large driveways and properties. There’s no need to take on winter by yourself. Instead, sit back and relax while our crew takes care of the heavy lifting. Our snow removal services include the use of skid steers, snowblowers and shovels to clear snow from outdoor surfaces, safely and efficiently. We offer monthly rates for seasonal service, or one-time clearing rates, and can also be available to maintain your property while you take a vacation, keeping your driveways and paths accessible all season long. Everyone has different needs depending on the size of the property. While pricing can vary, we maintain competitive rates for snow removal in Grande Prairie. Our crews are also available to assist property managers and landlords with snow removal for rental properties, or to maintain new buildings that may be vacant, yet still showing to potential home buyers. Call today or submit for a free estimate.



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Monthly Maintenance Packages

We offer monthly maintenance packages to cover your snow clearing needs for the entire winter season. Don't get stuck, having to clear a mountain of snow after a long day. By paying for our monthly program you can be sure the heavy lifting is taken care of every time the winter weather takes a turn for the worse. Save yourself from the back breaking labour caused by a heavy snow fall and allow us to remove snow from your driveways and walkways. We will also maintain surfaces with ice melt and/or sand to help eliminate slipping hazards during the winter season.

Residential & Commercial Service

Driveways and paths of all sizes are welcome. We have all the necessary equipment to handle the job. Whether you need a driveway cleared for a residential home or a commercial lot, call us for snow removal services.

Group Discounts

Everyone loves a good discount, and we're happy to give them. Simply talk to your neighbours and organize a group who would like to take advantage of our snow clearing services. We can provide a group discount when you put a list together and call us to inquire about pricing and savings.